First off let me tell be clear i do not represent any political party. I believe in work done rather than that is said. That being said, i am extremely blunt and will not refrain from using harsh words to describe the reality.

It has been 72 Years since India got independence, and i feel that India is bleeding itself to death with the help of corruption and political parties. India went through a lot of elections and political changes.

Now before i proceed further, i have to agree that i also got carried away in this political wind. but didn’t waste my vote for this prime minister.

As the title suggests i will be giving you the view of a normal person who has seen the changes after 2015 Lok Sabha Elections in India (Namely the Elections for Prime Minister)

So what changed? Why do i have to write this blog after so long…?

Firstly let me be blunt, BJP is ideologically extreme and knows very well how they can shut the voice of the one why points out the flaw or criticizes them. The basic technique to shut the youtubers, critics, bloggers, media houses are:

  1. Cyber Law Abuse
  2. FIRs
  3. Political affiliations of Media Houses
  4. straight out by the media company
  5. Police harassment
  6. Goons
  7. Lynching
  8. reverse criticism
  9. and many other ways beyond my imagination…

Let me give you a classic example, how do you protect your own interest while u are up-to shady things and protect them? Simple, Either you send them out of the country after bank fraud, 1 day before Demonetization convert your own political parties cash into the new currency. Diluting anti-corruption laws (this one was just amazing), Falling currency, issues with security of citizens, political war between government of Delhi, not letting the Delhi govt work, Assigning a Governor who interferes with everything decision of elected Delhi govt. Defying Supreme Court, Defying High Courts, bending laws in such ways that it benefits their political partners.

How PM Narendra Modi diluted Anti Corruption Law:

  1. PM Modi has cleared a cabinet note to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act to bring safeguards that critics believe water down the law.
  2. A rule that requires agencies to ask for the government’s sanction before investigating officials will be restored.
  3. In 2014, the Supreme Court had described the rule as “invalid and unconstitutional”, saying that punishing a corrupt official, however senior, is necessary and the status of a public servant does not qualify anyone for protection.
  4. The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) lobby was adamant that the clause that protects officials be brought back.
  5. Officials say the changes will help in the ease of doing business; honest officials will not be deterred from making policy decisions and will be protected from harassment.
  6. The court had held that the law cannot discriminate between public servants on the basis of their rank.
  7. When the changes are in place, the senior management of corporate houses will be held liable only if their “consent, connivance and complicity” is proved in court.
  8. In the current rules, if a company is held guilty of bribery, then the head of the organisation is taken as guilty.
  9. The Prime Minister has approved the scrapping of the stringent ‘undue advantage’ clause. It was argued by a parliamentary panel that the term “undue advantage” was too wide and allowed misuse by enforcement agencies.
  10. The amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Fund have to be cleared in Parliament.


These are classic examples of what is actually happening in Delhi, but no one is paying attention to this, because of an amazing Public Relations team working behind the scenes.

Read This and This for more information no how Delhi Government is over stepping his power to stop Delhi government from working.

The kicker was the things left out of Independence Day speech:

What was announced:

  • The ModiCare (Health Protection Plan to cover Rs 5 Lakn health protection)
  • Manned Space mission (India’s ambition to send an Indian to space (ISRO))
  • Permanent comission for Women Armed Force


Are you kidding me part…

Claim 1: Health Care:

Prime Minister announced WHO which claims that 3 lakh kids were saved due to his government’s ‘Swachhta Abhiyaan’.

“When I announced the Swachh Bharat Mission from the ramparts of this Red Fort in 2014, people laughed at me and said I was wasting my energy, that the government has many other things to do. But a recent WHO report stated that the lives of 3 lakh children were saved due to the Swachh Bharat Mission. Saving the lives of 3 lakh children from poor families is a humanitarian job,” he said.
Reality check: PM misquoted report, that IF the Swachh Bharat Mission is implemented properly by October 2019, the death of three lakh children can be prevented, which is NOT the same thing as saving 3 lakh kids.

Claim 2: MUDRA Loan Scheme:

Prime Minister said, “Out of the 12 crore beneficiaries, 28 per cent or 3.25 crore, are first-time entrepreneurs. Also, of the total borrowers, 9 crore – or 74 per cent – are women and 55 per cent belong to the SC/ST and OBC categories. The government extended Rs 2.53 lakh crore credit under the Mudra Yojana in the previous fiscal, while Rs 5.73 lakh crore has been extended in last 3 years.”
He also mentioned that Mudra Yojana was not just a self-employment scheme, but that it acted as a job multiplier since it created employment with the many new ventures that it has enabled.

Reality Check: Is this really creating employment?
A Finance Ministry response to an RTI query filed by India Today reveals that 93% of the loans disbursed under the scheme were under Rs 50,000 category. These micro-loans are useful mostly for self-owned businesses like a cattle dairy farmer o a vegetable seller. Such small businesses are unlikely to generate employment. So, saying that disbursement of loans under the Mudra Yojana for job creation is a bit of an overstatement.

Claim 3: Electricity connection to villages

Third, the PM claimed that had we continued with the UPA’s pace of electrification in 2013 , it would’ve taken India decades to achieve 100% electrification.

Reality Check:
But according to Fact Check India, the UPA electrified an average of 12,000 villages each year – far more than the NDA’s average of 4,600 villages per year – which means that the UPA would’ve achieved 100% electrification in far less than a decade.


Things Prime Minister Modi did not Mention:

  1. The falling rupee. (India Rupee took a nose dive to lowest value against the US dollar.)
  2. Demonetization (A passing reference was made to the government’s war on black money, but nothing on the D-word.)
  3. The earlier bravado on China and Pakistan was also conspicuously absent. This, despite repeated transgressions in Doklam and across the Line of Control.
  4. Most Importantly: Rising incidents of mob violence. There have been at least 156 incidents of mob attacks fuelled either by cow vigilantes or child lifting rumours since Prime Minister Modi took charge. And yet, there was no mention of the 75 people who have died in these brutal attacks in his fifth and final Independence Day address before 2019.




Credits: The Quint | NDTV | Scroll.IN | Yuth ki awaaz | Qrius

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