How to avoid Pseudo Feminists and Divorce them | Chapter 1 – The Random stage

This was back in guess in 2012 I guess, when me and my few friends from YMCA made a plan to meet one day for a random catchup.

You see, I was meeting Ajay and Shreya, my friends from back in the days. So we decided to go to Connaught place Central Part to meet and catch up on how life was going.

Those days, Ajay and Shreya both had a job and were earning okay, and i was trying my luck with the Some IT outsourcing business (Trust me i was struggling off my ass. but had enough to take care of my auxiliary expenses.)

We were meeting after a really long time after Tarun’s accident/incident (The guy who smashed a Yamaha FZ into the bus, while drunk and my cousin on the bikes back seat.)

Quick intro about Tarun: He seemed really calmed and good guy, that was until he had some drinks. Then he was a complete ass on the road. Best part, he didn’t have a drivers license!!!

So we were meeting and catching up, random things, and all of a sudden i get a call from one of my old friends Pippu.

Conversation in paraphrase…

Pippu: Hey Jassi, kaha hai?

Pippu: Me aur mere friends party ya milne ka plan bana rahe hai. to hum tujhe wahi milte hai…

Me: Cool lets meet up.

Me: Hi pippu i am at CP.

So she came with her friends, and to my surprise we came with many friends. Now. I couldn’t fit 7- 9 people in a small alto. which was struggling to keep up with me alone anyway. Some how by pushing and shoving we fit all the people in the car.

Later on while going to Hauz Khas Village, pippu told me there is one more friend whom we need to pick up. All of a sudden i am planning to add 1 more seat to the roof of an super economy hatchback car.

Any ways we picked up this friend.

Side Note: Now this friend we picked up will change my life forever. and no she is not my ex, but highly connected, this will be explained in upcoming chapters.

Now we reached Hauz Khas village, and we all went to Raasta Lounge. To be honest, this was my first time getting into a lounge properly, with friends. By the way, back then i was a wearied guy, lean, super thin, low self confidence, low on finances, running a small start up, and still way behind others in life, education, profession, i just hid it from the world, and was in denial about all the fuckups going in my life, hoping everything would one day turn around and i may make something of myself.

My academics and professional life deserves a dedicated blog series.

So with everything going south in my life, i was enjoying this time, i finally have friends with whom i can go out a party, made multiple acquittances, and the best part i was keeping up with crowd, call it what ever you want. But yes for that day i had actually forgotten all the shit hitting my face and enjoyed the hell of out that time…

To be continued…