How to feed food to stray animals the right way

Let the compassion take control over you for that wiggling tail Lets get to the point, once you start feeding the strays, you will need to tackle a lot of odds, and its not just you, its also the pooch you are feeding who is at risk. So here are a few tips on how to overcome all the obstacles, threats and risks.

Time and Location

For India (Specifically in Delhi), its next to impossible for dogs to find a place to eat/drink in peace. So for this we need to figure out the time and location for the same. Mostly when we feed the strays, we preffer to do it after 10 PM at night as there are less people going around. You should always make sure that you are feeding the strays in a safe location, where they dont get hit by a car or a bike. we need to make spots for their feeding where they feel comfortable and should be within their territory.

Feed them responsibility

I have ofter seen people feeding biscuits to strays, let me put a stop to it right now.. DO NOT FEED PARLET-G or any sweet/glucose biscuits. That causes them itches and rashes. You are doing worst for them by feeding this them.
If you really want to feed them biscuits, you can try something like Marie Biscuits, but try and avoid feeding biscuits where ever possible.


This really helps in keeping the strays in control, and reducing the danger of human-animal conflicts.


Strays are exposed to a lot, there are so many thing which can get inside their bodies, A simple deworming can really help them stay healthy and fit.


This is the most important one, we need to keep the strays healthy and safe. Most of all we need to make sure they have been vaccinated against rabies (A disease that is transmissible to humans.)

How and What to feed

Avoid plastics of any sort. We use paper plates (without plastic coating) that makes sure the strays are safe and plastic does not create a health hazard for them or for environment.

Picture Credits: Yvette Holzbach