We Indian need to learn how to give care and love to stray animals from Turkish

I recently came across an article on Hindustan Times oh How Istanbul Vets are helping stray animals to stay well and fit. Pictures as below:

It got me wondering, We Indian only feed the animals when ” a pandit or astrologer says so” but are we really doing it from our hear or just so we could just out of selfishness that doing so will help us have a better fortune. This seems to be a flawed thinking we have, This needs to change NOW. Below are some pictures i found as an example how cruel we Indian can be towards dogs:

Showing compassion towards animals not only give a the other creature some happiness, but a reason to smile and love back. You can feel so if you show some love and respect towards a stray animal. Put your self in their shoes and try and see what they go through each and every day.

To be honest, I have seen Auto-rickshaws just driving over stray dogs, just for the heck of it because they were sitting on the road, same goes with car owners and bike owners. who have no consciousness over that fact that they would rather feel the trill of the road then to see if there might be an animal on the street who might get run over.

What we need to do as Indians is realize who we are and what kind of care we got in our heritage, show respect towards animals and people equally. I would not be saying this without applying it my self.

Full Disclosure: I am an animal activist, and do take care of any animal i may find in my day to day life. These animals have tought me how to love and care selflessly even when you are at going through worst and have nothing.