Meet the corrupt traffic constable Mr. Moin Ali.

Bhanchod, do what ever you want? Your car will only move once you pay 1500 Rs

Meet the corrupt traffic constable Mr. Moin Ali. The incident happened today when Abhishek Shah was coming back with family from Chawri Bazar and near Zakhira Bridge towards Rampura this team of traffic constables were standing and they asked us to stop.
To surprise he was told that we have to pay 1500 Rs for a speeding challan. Else give him 1000 bucks and they can leave. Abhishek Shah objected and told him that the traffic police site refers a challan of 400 Rs. To this he was told

“Bhanchod, do what ever you want? Your car will only move once you pay 1500 Rs”.


Abhishek Shah asked him to give him a court challan which was given to me after intervention from Mohin Ali’s senior. We all would want to ask both Narendra Modi​i and Arvind Kejriwal​.
What happened to your promises of non corrupt Delhi? Where is the video of every challan that was promised.

Please share this picture of Mr. Mohin Ali, a corrupt Delhi traffic police constable who still has guts to ask for bribe. Shame traffic police. SHAME.

Passenger Caught on Video Peeing in Delhi Metro

Man caught peeing inside Delhi Metro coach which raises Delhi metro security issues. This is one more addition to the controversies surrounding Delhi Metro. This man was relieving in Delhi Metro.
Installing cameras in Public Transports is not enough to curb the menace of such filthy law breakers. This is what a so-called responsible citizen of our capital was doing inside the Delhi Metro and when I confronted him he was not at all ashamed of his own act but claimed it as an act of nature.

If he is not ashamed or afraid of peeing inside the Delhi Metro inspite of being under surveillance, then only God knows how safe are women in our city. And to mention I immediately reported the matter to the CISF DMRC Helpline but all in vain as no one showed up after the complaint call and this miscreant may have alighted comfortably on the next station.

Delhi’s Auto Rickshaw Menace

We all know this that Auto rickshaws in Delhi have become menace, especially after unofficial support from Arvind Kejriwal for election support. These Auto-walas have created a night mare for all those who need to travel with dignity and quickly.

The best example I believe I can quote is Malviya Nagar Metro Station to Sheikh Sarai” Stretch, where these insane idiots break the traffic law in every inch of the road risking the safety of the passenger and their own.

On this route Auto-rickshaws ferry 5 people (2 in front with driver + 3 in the back), Break traffic rules in a second, if traffic police is not there.

I mean they have some serious balls to jump the red-light even if the bus is approaching, and they are carrying 5 passengers (which is a traffic rule violation in itself!)

These auto-drivers are rude, don’t respect women, break traffic rules as if they are sitting in their home, extort money if you want to go some-where, take up 60% of road space just to compete with other auto drivers, hence causing Traffic Jams, they got Arvind Kejriwals’ back, and the best part…

These seems to be no end to this coming up soon…

Thanks a Lot for making Delhi Roads a nightmare for a common citizen.

If you freaking can’t fix an issue, just don’t create another one by giving loose freedom to people so that they do whatever they want.


I mean I like you, but for this, I really think you need to show Auto-rickshaws what is right and what is wrong, rather than giving into their demands, just because they help you in elections.

Homeless Dogs Album

Some pictures worth share of innocent animals, who could have a better future if adopted.